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Welding Works

MIG | MAG - Semi-automatic welding

Semi-automatic welding, also known as fusion electrode welding in shielding gas (MIG - metal inert gas; MAG - metal active gas). This is one of the methods of arc welding.

Such welding technology is semi-automatic, applied where there is a high work rate, for welding simpler metals, large constructions, where not only the quality of welding is emphasized, but also the speed of welding.

Such semi-automatic welding machines are purchased by shipyards, car manufacturers, apparatus required in construction, furniture production, car installation, service works, welding of pipelines, installation works, production of boilers, welding of steel casting defects. It is easy to weld thin metal products up to 0.5 mm thick. Such welding is widely used in industry and often successfully displaces manual welding. Fusion electrode shielded electrode (MIG) welding is a leader in application compared to other welding methods. The semi-automatic welding method is widely used in assembly, construction and repair work.

STICK Welding

MMA is a form of manual metal arc welding, commonly described as follows: the main heat source forms an electric arc between the coated electrode and the materials to be welded during welding, the coated electrode melted to form a welding pool that cools to form a joint. The electrode consists of a core (mostly wire or a stick or shaped powder) and a coating that differs in its purpose.

TIG Welding

TIG is suitable in cases where welding quality and good seam appearance are important. All welded aluminum alloys can be welded with TIG. This is a key process when you need a good seam appearance, such as welding metal furniture or bike frames. Often smooth surface seams are needed in the food industry for welding pipes, tanks and so on. By welding thin sheets, for example, in the manufacture of automobiles, in the repair of aluminum products such as engine heads, propellers, and so on. The TIg process is needed where high quality root brewing is required.

Other Jobs Offered

Transportation Services

We offer cargo transportation services of various sizes. Transfers are made by trucks and minibuses

Structural Installation Work

We also provide installation work: installation services for supports, stairs, railings, gates, balconies, structures and accept individual orders.

Concreting Works

We perform various wall, floor and outdoor concreting works

Miscellaneous Construction Work

We perform foundation casting, roof structure installation, paving works. We also offer interior decoration and building insulation services.

Excavator Operator Services

We provide excavator operator rental services. The minimum length of service of a professional employee is 3 years.

Electrical installation | Electrician services

We manage the electrical installations of buildings, as well as ships or boats. Our specialists can work with mains voltages up to 340 volts.